11 April 2018

Consistency guarantees results

Remember,their is no set formulae in losing weight and neither is their any magic pill.This all comes down to one thing;Consistency!!!!!   Consistency guarantees results start today and you will not regret .   Get your transformation today   CheckĀ  out a two minute ritual to lose one pound>>>>>>>>> For more check this out https://www.livestrong.com/article/544575-how-to-lose-the-bulge-and-get-a-flat-stomach-how-long-does-it-take/... Read More
21 January 2018

Difference between Rapping and singing

Credit:https://genius.com/discussions/2914-Rapping-vs-singing So I was thinking about the differences between rapping and singing and the level of respect held for each. A singer needs to be able to hit notes, hold them, have melody, produce music with the voice. A rapper, although needing a charismatic voice, needs the power of songwriting. The lyrical dimension that rappers... Read More
25 December 2017

Loverman by Arrowbwoy x kent and Flosso

Another piece of work by Kent and Flosso along side Arrow boy against the back drop of another Kenyan collaboration where they featured Wyre and Gabbu from P-Unit           Here is more music from Kent and Flosso:   Default (Mini):
08 June 2017

she set her price to 250k

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A classifieds advert has been posted online, claiming to be from a 19-year-old Sydney woman offering her virginity for sale for $250,000. The woman, who was described in the advert as 161cm, 44 kilos with an athletic body, appeared to have posted to classifieds site Locanto on Thursday and titled her advert ‘Virgin seeks you,... Read More
07 June 2017

forget the middle finger,more benefits for learning an instrument

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Long-lasting benefits for musicians   Importantly, the brain scanning studies show that the extent of anatomical change in musiciansā€™ brains is closely related to the age at which musical training began, and the intensity of training. Those who started training at the youngest age showed the largest changes when compared to non-musicians. Music reaches parts... Read More
06 June 2017

Nutty Neithan

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Nutty Neithan seems to be a role lately.In a space of one month,He has released two Singles ; Emu Temala and Nkulowooza. As we still digesting the new projects,news filtering in is that He has teamed up with Reach a hand Uganda for the a new project,Check out the pics     Binkubye on Itunes... Read More
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