24 May 2017

ivan semwanga

So,its all known that he is a father to Zari’s Kids,divorced or not ;something is a bit disturbing or is it a representative of what we have become. What do we gain by being the first to announce death?why always be in a rush to celebrate death? All for news
02 April 2017

pac dated madonna???

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Madonna: “When I Was Dating 2Pac I Felt All Gangsta” madonna-topic-Shakur Madonna’s romantic involvement with Shakur had been the subject of rumors over the years, with an unauthorized 2007 biography called ‘Madonna: Like an Icon’ previously claiming it to be true. It all started at the 1993 Soul Train Awards, when Perez got stood up... Read More
31 March 2017

lyrics of Chezamama by kent and Flosso

intro bumchaka*2 gyal me love the way u do the bumchaka*2 bumchaka*2 gyal me love the way u do the bumchaka*2  verse1 babie come sing song with ur papa ill make u dance am ur dada simuzanyo sikusaga u nuh go no where babies mama bridge nakucheki unanicheki                                     usinicheki yani nakufata chours CHEZA MAMA….. CHEZA... Read More
23 November 2016

Wardrobe malfunction is real!

Imagine the malfunction happens in Hollywood-The world’s Capital of entertainment.How come we don’t see the malfunctions in Africa,don’t we have the right gadgets?                                                   Default (Mini):          ... Read More
19 November 2016

How long can a watsapp relationship last?

Remember those days when you could go to a movie—or to church—and not worry about being distracted by ringing phones or by the white glow of someone texting a friend?  Remember when meetings at work weren’t interrupted by phone calls that people just had to accept? We were real,we met and talked to real people.... Read More
18 November 2016

Do not walk into an Ambush,kick in the sixth sense.

Yes,it is Friday officially and the weekend just started.I know some in my circles are already letting their guard down;looking forward to bar hopping  and probably land on a stray and get some.Well,why not;If you need to  reward yourself with the air of one that has accomplished a mission and waiting to be decorated! Wait... Read More
17 November 2016

Are musicians today guilty of Lip syncing?

Lip sync, lip–sync, lip–synch (short for lip synchronization) is a technical term for matching lip movements with prerecorded sung or spoken vocals that the listeners hear, either through the sound reinforcement system in a live performance or television or cinema speakers in other cases….https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki Milli Vanili Twenty years ago,Milli Vanili the singing Duo from Germany... Read More