07 November 2016

Beat the monday blues with some inspiration with Dj Fikie

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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger . That quote is attributed to the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. Actually, he said it much more eloquently: “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” It turns out that he was right. Lets digress and look at how you went in  hard on your weekend:I believe... Read More
03 November 2016

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  Ugandan musical legend-  had to  settle in Kenya to come up with this  mash up…which arguably changed the Ugandan Sound. Mama mia will work for us any day,his musical journey is documented,no doubt about that     For starters ,the song was produced by Ogopa djs  more than 15yrs ago and still stands the... Read More
31 October 2016

Monday struggles

A lot happens through out the weekend ;we all need to look at the brighter side.Its for that matter,we decide to share with you some of these memes .   It doesn’t have to come to this……….hope you are at work already.But on the other note why does it have to come too early?  ... Read More
28 October 2016

Today we go down memory lane with Tupac

We know we can not stop the clock. Times have changed and probably those who did not listen to him will never know why we got hooked.Honest truth is, it is difficult to get his match today. check out how deep the lyrics of Dear mama by Pac are:
28 October 2016

Getting Dumped for over spending?????

In Uganda the girls would call Billionaire James Parker mean.Many relationships have gone down that road but do not get that much publicity .Well,now we know……….money breaks relationships…..spend yours…..read on…………..“JAMES PARKER DUMPS MARIAH CAREY FOR OVERSPENDING” Here is the full story http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/james-packer-dumps-mariah-carey-9135203     Default (Mini):  
26 October 2016


There is a marijuana Strain endorsed by Whiz Khalifa ..Well he calls it Khalifa Kush..It is not news anymore since we have seen pictures of him all over his social media with a joint. Well,I magine what happens when he tweets it as KK.Imagine the response from other Camps.You all know what KK stands for,if... Read More
22 October 2016


     Sample: Clearly a song that will make you throw your worries away.like that moment on Friday evening when you got no money and your long lost friend who run away with your dice decides to send it with interest that you never actually asked for.Because of the guilt he decides to reward you... Read More
13 October 2016

Lyrics to Tom and Jerry by Kent and Flosso aka Voltage

  INTRO It’s another one…. Voltage deh pan ddi same one It’s another one……. D.King deh on ddi same one CHORUS Ah say baby what you doing tonight Would you come over make we go play some games Mama said it’s gonna take away my stress….. You need some Tom….Tom and Jerry…… Would you come... Read More